Journyx Announces Release of Version 5.5 Software

AUSTIN, TX - Journyx announced general availability of version 5.5 of its market-leading Journyx TimesheetTM product. This new version of Timesheet includes several new features and a number of performance enhancements that make Timesheet an even more powerful and beneficial solution for time and expense tracking in nearly every environment.

Key new features include:
  • Reportable Diary Notes
  • Global Support for Multiple Date Formats
  • New Options for Project Search & Selection
  • Expanded Standard Import Tools
  • New Completely Automated Integration for QuickBooks 2002/2003
  • "Time is important. Even more important is what one did with that time. The new (Diary) Notes feature in 5.5... has applicability to so many different situations, even those that may not be using the time information for payroll, billing, or tracking," commented Timesheet user Mike Todd, president, Los Angeles Chapter of the Internet Society. "Collecting information at the time it occurs can contribute to a knowledge base, document details and deviations from planned activities, and so much more." "We recently studied the impact of Journyx Timesheet on about 1,800 of our most recent customers," says Curt Finch, CEO of Journyx. "We discovered that our billing automation customers typically increase their revenues by 5 to 20% while our project costing customers find, on average, that 1/5 of their projects are losing money and are able to take corrective action thanks to Timesheet. Timesheet 5.5 makes all this even easier to accomplish."
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