Kirusa Introduces Multimodal Messaging with the Kirusa Voice SMS Application

EDISON , N.J. — Kirusa announced the availability of the wireless industry's multimodal messaging application for mobile users.  Kirusa Voice SMS (KV.SMSSM) application allows mobile users to reply to SMS text messages by voice, to send an SMS message by voice, and to receive SMS messages with voice content, on all mobile devices, and on all wireless networks, enhancing the reach of SMS messaging to a wider population of mobile users. 

The patent pending Kirusa Voice SMS application is a packaged application built and marketed by Kirusa.  The application works on top of the Kirusa Multimodal Platform (KMP), and leverages the multimodal technology of KMP.  

The KV.SMSSM application is targeted at wireless operators, enabling them to launch messaging services without needing to upgrade or replace their current infrastructure.   Kirusa's patent pending Click2ListenSM technology, and an user interface, designed by and in conjunction with ergonomists, brings features such as RingFreeSM voice messaging, voice reply to text messaging, text reply to voice messaging, and MMS integration to all mobile users.  The application works on all 2G, 2.5G, and 3G handsets; leverages the extra functionality of the smart handsets; and does not require any client software to be installed on handsets.   

"Kirusa's Voice SMS application is easy to use, integrates seamlessly into how mobile subscribers use their phones, requires little or no learning curve, and works with existing wireless infrastructure, and therein lies its appeal", said Eric Dufresne, CEO of France Telecom Research and Development, Boston.   "The application provides additional revenue opportunity from users of mobile phones as well as the new fixed line SMS phones that are becoming popular in France".

"One reason for the popularity of email is that you can convey a message whenever you want and the recipient can review the message whenever they want," noted Bill Meisel, president of TMA Associates and publisher of Telephone Strategy News. "A telephone call is more disruptive and usually involves extra dialog.  SMS messaging has the advantages of asynchronous communication, like email, but with a huge disadvantage for those who don't want to type on a touchtone pad or have a long message to convey.  Kirusa's innovative Voice SMS solution makes the advantages of email-like communication on a wireless phone available to all, and should cause a spectacular increase in the usage of the already popular SMS feature."

Kirusa will be demonstrating the application at the Speechtek conference in New York, Sep 13-16, 2004.

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