LOVO Launches AI Voice Marketplace

LOVO, providers of an AI voice-over platform for education, marketing, entertainment, and audio content production, today launched the LOVO AI Voice Marketplace to help voice actors secure more job opportunities and income. From a simple voice recording, the platform allows voice actors to create a custom and free AI voice which then becomes available to thousands of LOVO users around the world.

The LOVO AI Voice Marketplace helps individuals and businesses find voice talent for their projects. The service pays vetted voice actors a 50 percent revenue share from all fees generated by LOVO users using their voices.

"The traditional voice-over industry is archaic, and it's mind-blowing how they have weathered the winds of change for so long," said Tom Lee, co-founder of LOVO, in a statement. "With our AI marketplace for voice-overs, we are reinventing an outdated industry to help voice actors prosper. They can literally make money while they sleep. We are also helping organizations of all sizes access the talent and voice content they need for the huge scope of projects, from industry videos to ads, animation, podcasts, and more, that exist today."

Since LOVO's AI voice platform launched one year ago, more than 40,000 users across 41 countries have created more than 3 million pieces of voice content on the platform.

"With our innovative technology and marketplace, AI is helping get your voice to a bigger audience beyond physical, temporal, and spatial limitations. AI doesn't have to sleep, so it can work on hundreds of projects simultaneously. AI can do the grunt work while you focus on what you do best," Lee said.

To use the AI Voice Marketplace, voice actors go to https://www.lovo.ai/voice-marketplace, and submit their contact information and voice sample. They then receive a 15-minute script to read. Upon approval, the AI voice will become available for LOVO users via LOVO Studio and API.

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