LOVO Rolls Out LOVO Studio Voice-Over Platform

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LOVO, a voice-over platform provider, today launched LOVO Studio for any voice content purpose.

LOVO Studio can generate realistic voice clones with only five minutes of target voice clips to generate online learning materials or voice-overs for remote production projects. The platform also provides more than 50 other voices, both computer-created and human for any voice work without needing a studio or expensive equipment.

The LOVO team started by analyzing the emotional status of customer service agents and the customers who called in.

"You can hide your emotions behind words, but you can't hide it in your voice. Human voice delivers what words or robotic sounds can't convey," said Tom Lee, co-founder of LOVO, in a statement. "We have created a one-stop shop for audio and voice work,."

Lee likens LOVO Studio to "a combination of Canva and Photoshop, but for audio."

"On one hand, you can leverage a catalogue of existing voices and background music to get started with your project right away or create your own custom voice and add music of your choice to make something more personal. And then, features like pronunciation editing, emphasis, speed, and pause control allow for fine-tuning your finished content," he said. "On the other hand, you can easily touch-up where you need to, fill gaps, smooth out rough patches, redos, etc. For instance, if you used a professional actor for your narration and that video needs to be corrected, you won't need to call that actor back."

With LOVO Studio, users start by choosing the voice from the library of more than 50 options or clone a voice by providing just a five-minute clip, then uploading the script. In seconds, a voice file is created. Users can fine-tune the file by adding specific features, like pauses, emphasis, speed, pronunciation, pitch, and background music. They can then save, load, and share the project

"If you are doing voice-over for one project you can't be doing narration for something else at the same time. But with LOVO, an actor could have his voice reproduced and used in multiple projects, and it is practically indistinguishable from the real voice," Lee explained. "This makes the human voice truly scalable."

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