Labrador Launches Retriever Robot

Labrador Systems today introduced the Labrador Retriever, a voice-enabled personal robot that functions as an extra pair of hands, helping individuals move large loads from place to place and bring critical items within reach.

Labrador plans to have the Retriever in full production by the second half of 2023, with beta units available earlier.

The robot is large enough to carry a laundry basket and can handle payloads of up to 25 pounds yet can still navigate the tight spaces of a home. It can park itself within inches of an armchair and automatically change its height to bring items easily within reach. The Retriever includes places for charging a smart phone along with a large storage area to keep other frequently needed items accessible, such as water, medication and personal items.

Users can command the Retriever through a variety of means, including by touch screen, a mobile app for the phone, voice (such as via an Alexa-enabled device), or by pressing a wireless button. The Retriever can also operate on a pre-set schedule to provide physical reminders by automatically delivering items at a specific time and location.

"There's a significant portion of our society that's massively underserved," said Labrador Systems CEO Mike Dooley in a statement. "When pain or other health issues start interfering with your ability to move yourself or other things, even short distances can have a major impact on your independence, quality of life and overall health. The Retriever is meant to help physically bridge some of that gap and empower individuals to be more active and do more on their own."

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