Language and Computing Launches New Divisions

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Language and Computing (L&C) NV, a developer of Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets, has recently announced the formation of two new divisions that will be responsible for further strengthening L&C's relations with the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies respectively. The newly created divisions will hold responsibility for business development of L&C's unstructured data management solutions using innovative Natural Language Processing technology based on large domain ontologies (i.e. complex taxonomies with much richer relationships). L&C's solutions herald a new era of search & retrieval solutions and information extraction and text mining applications to improve information management in information-intensive environments. Maarten Laga, CEO of L&C, states that the potential for growth is excellent. "Pharmaceutical and Life Science enterprises have an unmanageable problem with the massive amount of unstructured data that reside in their systems. This unstructured information typically comprises 80% of the total amount of information that a company has to control and manage. L&C's capabilities in automatically processing this information with applications such as search and retrieval, text mining and information extraction, promise to deliver wide-ranging business benefits by unlocking previously "unreachable" data. Shortening the time-to-market of a new drug by having valuable information available and in a faster way, will save a pharmaceutical company millions of dollars." L&C technology also enables government agencies to deal with the problem of information overload and unstructured data residing in disparate sources. Applications include information extraction and text mining to help detect bio-terrorism or support patient safety initiatives, improved search and retrieval from government databases, and many more use cases for cost effective management of unstructured information.
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