Lexifone Deploys Real-Time Voice Translation Service on Voxeo’s IVR Platform

Lexifone Communication Systems has selected Voxeo’s technology and hosting services to provide the Lexifone voice translation service that works on any mobile or landline phone.

The Voxeo platform allows Lexifone, which is based in Israel, to bring real-time voice translation to customers around the world. This service is powered by voice recognition engines hosted in the Voxeo cloud.

Lexifone targets enterprises that serve customers who do not speak the local language, giving them translation capabilities. Enterprises in the travel and tourism industry are prime candidates for the Lexifone translation service. Individual travelers can access and benefit from Lexifone as well.

Lexifone provides fast, easy-to-use, real-time translation that enables communication between people who do not speak the same language. The solution is two-way, which means users can hold an actual conversation, exchanging questions and answers while each speaks his own language. The only tool needed is a telephone, making this solution highly accessible to people everywhere, no matter what kind of phone they are using or where they are in the world.

"Lexifone has synergized first-class Voxeo technology and that of our system integrator, E2M Technologies, to create the premier translation service for enterprises," said Ike Sagie, founder and CEO of Lexifone. "And while highly sophisticated technology works behind the scenes, the user experiences the ultimate in simplicity. That is the beauty of Lexifone."

Lexifone is now available in English, Spanish and Italian. Other languages scheduled for addition to the Lexifone service are Mandarin Chinese, German, and French.

"This Lexifone solution shows another variety of phone-based services that improve customer satisfaction. It breaks down language barriers and enables easy communication between people who do not speak the same language," comments Michael Codini, managing director of Voxeo's EMEA operations. "Using our Voxeo technology as a hosted service gives Lexifone the flexibility to quickly expand this solution to additional areas. We are looking forward to seeing more of these customer-centric solutions powered by Voxeo."

"We selected Voxeo due to the support of multiple ASR and TTS engines and the functionality as the telephony and voice application server," Sagie explains. "Also, importantly, Voxeo offers a flexible pricing model and a powerful platform, which was a perfect fit to our needs."

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