LinguaSys to License and Distribute OPI Translate Application

Human language technologies solutions provider LinguaSys and RantNetwork, developers of translation applications for smartphones, announced that LinguaSys will license and distribute RantNetwork's OPI Translate mobile phone language translation and interpretation application.

With the solution, customers can interpret foreign languages using text-to-text, text-to-speech, speech-to-speech, speech-to-text, and photo-to-text, or get a direct mobile connection to a human interpreter if needed.

LinguaSys features a natural language processing engine that is semantics-based. The engine performs machine translation, processes Natural Language Understanding, and also includes text analytics. The engine can process 15 languages and is used by customers including global government entities and financial institutions.

RantNetwork has an iPhone app and an upcoming Android app that lets users interact with a human interpreter who is an expert not in only in a specific language but also in subject matters. The company also uses some free translation engines, such as Google, to perform machine translations when users don't want to interact with a human.

The company's mobile language translation application, OPI Translate, provides support for over 4,000 different language pairs. It also features high-definition voice synthesizers, speaking output in over 20 languages in 39 male and female voices maintaining native accents. Additionally, OPI Translate offers users the option of working with human interpreters fluent in 157 languages.

"RantNetwork created a separate app for us that allows us to key in the IP address of a LinguaSys client that's usually behind their firewall," says LinguaSys CEO Brian Garr. "Our clients can distribute this for free to their employees so that they can leverage the databases that have been customized for each company that's already on their Internet."

Garr explains that while clients can always connect to Google Translate or another translation engine, one of LinguaSys' benefits is that when the company builds a translation infrastructure, it is customized for their business and contains specific jargon that is inside the language engine.

"One of the reasons why we've expanded as quickly as we have is because people are beginning to understand, as the world flattens, just how many people they want to talk to who are not speaking the same language as they are," he says.

Garr says that the tie-up with RantNetwork also addresses customer service issues.

"Whether it's in real time text chat on a Web site or emails that are translated automatically, having the ability to talk to your customers in their native language provides a much better experience for your customers."

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