Loquendo Announces Appointment of Marco Romagnoli

TURIN, Italy - Loquendo announced the appointment of its new chief executive officer, Marco Romagnoli.


The Board of Director of Loquendo has appointed Marco Romagnoli as its new CEO effective April 8, 2004. He will also assume the role of managing director.


Marco holds a Dr. Eng. degree from the Politecnico of Milan, Italy and brings to Loquendo several years of experience in the telecommunications arena.


Prior to his Loquendo appointment, Marco worked for more than 12 years at Telecom Italia's RandD, being in charge of responsibilities related to CCS7 and ISDN infrastructures development in Italy. In this time frame he also served as chairman of various international standards bodies.


From 1986 Marco held general manager positions within Telecom Italia Group Companies such as TELEO, which launched advanced Voice Processing and Electronic Messaging services in the Italian Market, and SARITEL, in the Value Added Services and Internet Data Center in Italy.


In 1996 Marco took responsibility of a new Telecom Italia Business Unit, which launched a range of ASP broadband services for vertical market segments, including finance, public administrations, tourism and transportation.


Finally, he was put in charge of the strategic partnerships within Telecom Italia, where he developed initiatives with IT leaders as IBM, Microsoft, HP/Compaq, etc. and launched the first Telecom Italia Business Partner Program for IT "third parties."

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