Loquendo Brings Embedded TTS to the Symbian Market

Loquendo integrated Loquendo TTS with the Symbian Operating System. Loquendo embedded TTS for Symbian provides eyes-free interaction with mobile handsets.

These features include the same text analysis capability as the server version, semantic analysis and lexicon file customization. A SMS pre-processor, which enables typical text abbreviations to be read correctly, is also included. Loquendo embedded TTS for Symbian provides full multilingual capability - more than one voice and language can be used concurrently and switched. The engine also carries out language identification: the text pre-processor identifies multiple languages in a text and uses the corresponding language and voice. It also includes mixed language capability and enables foreign words to be pronounced without switching voices.

With Loquendo embedded TTS for Symbian, users also benefit from Loquendo's emotional synthetic voices - capable of conveying expressive intention, such as greetings and apologies, in an expressive manner.

Loquendo offers a single set of languages and voices both on the device side and the server side.

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