Loquendo Releases Loquendo ASR 7.0

Loquendo released Loquendo ASR 7.0. The new integration API has been redesigned. System integrators can take advantage of them for integration in environments such as Microsoft.Net and Java.

By employing either Standard or Specialized Acoustic Models, these speech contexts are possible: the recognition of a specific vocabulary (e.g. a string of digits, specialized command words, yes-no responses), the recognition of speech from a variety of audio channels, (e.g. VoIP, GSM / UMTS), and recognition in particular sound environments (e.g. in-car).

Loquendo ASR selects the most appropriate types of Acoustic Model, based on the grammar in use, and allows the recognition of grammars based on different Acoustic Models.

Loquendo ASR supports all standards for speech recognition, such as W3C SRGS (Speech Recognition Grammar Specification) which has had W3C recommendation since March 2004, and W3C SISR (Semantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition) which is soon to be approved by W3C. SISR enables grammar developers to use a script language to validate and return semantic results from the recognition.

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