Loquendo Releases New Version of VoxNauta Platform

Loquendo this week released VoxNauta 7.0.25, the latest version of its VoiceXML/CCXML platform.

Loquendo VoxNauta is a powerful, fully scalable, easy-to-use voice platform that has enabled numerous carriers, enterprises, service providers, and emerging technology companies to develop interactive voice response and speech-enabled applications following the Web-based architecture of the VoiceXML and CCXML standards.

As well as the latest versions of Loquendo automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech, including all 26 languages and 61 voices, Loquendo VoxNauta 7.0.25 supports more simultaneous channels per server so that even large-scale IVR deployments can be speech-enabled with minimal hardware requirements. The platform supports up to 180 simultaneous Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) channels per server in IVR or IVR-plus-TTS configurations, and up to 300 VoIP 'Play Announcement' channels per server. 

Loquendo VoxNauta 7.0 is now available for Windows Server 2008, and will soon support Red Hat Linux Enterprise 5.1.

The Loquendo VoxNauta platform can be shipped stand-alone, or with Loquendo ASR and/or Loquendo TTS optionally integrated. The VoxNauta package is separate and independent from both ASR and TTS packages, enabling seamless upgrades to future releases and new voices and languages. The platform can also combine synthetic speech and prerecorded messages with music and special effects.

Loquendo VoxNauta platform implements all major standards in speech: VoiceXML 2.0 & 2.1, CCXML 1.0, MRCP v2, SRGS 1.0, SISR 1.0, SSML 1.0., and is formally certified by the VoiceXML forum.

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