Loquendo Releases TTS in Portuguese

Loquendo has released a new version of Loquendo TTS in both European and Brazilian Portuguese with support for the Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement, an international treaty to create a standardized spelling for the Portuguese language.

Loquendo TTS offers two voices in European Portuguese (Amália and Eusebio) and three voices in Brazilian Portuguese (Fernanda, Felipe, and Gabriela), giving Portuguese-speaking countries a wide choice of voices for speech-enabling applications and services in any environment, whether server-based, desktop, or embedded. 

The Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement aims to establish a unified Portuguese spelling for all countries with Portuguese as their official language, putting an end to the existence of two official orthographic norms. The agreement has modified the way certain words are written, the key changes concerning silent consonants, hyphens, and diacritics. The new version of Loquendo TTS in Portuguese has undergone revision and adaptation of text-analysis to take account of the changes made, the result being that all Loquendo synthetic voices in Portuguese and Brazilian pronounce these modified spellings correctly. 

Because both European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese spellings are widespread in all Portuguese speaking countries, Loquendo Text to Speech interprets these spellings correctly, both for Portuguese and Brazilian, yielding the correct pronunciation regardless of which version of Portuguese is being spoken.

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