Loquendo Releases the New TTS French Voice, Florence

Loquendo released Florence, the new French voice. She will join Bernard, Juliette and Sophie in the range of French speaking voices.

Loquendo voices benefit from new features, including concatenation smoothing and the insertion of pauses and vocal intonations to better express the meaning of a text.

Florence can also be personalized by adjusting the pitch, speaking rate, timbre, etc. You can also create the voice of a child, an elderly person or a cartoon character.

Lexicons can be added (e.g. for reading text message abbreviations), or particular pronunciation styles can be selected (e.g. for reading technical data).

In addition, Florence has a range of audio controls, such as reverb and stereo, which can be applied to any voice, piece of music or special effect.

Florence is the latest Loquendo voice to be enhanced with "expressive cues."

Florence can also be made to laugh, sigh, hiccup and cry, by the insertion of the relevant tag.

Florence will be presented for the very first time at VOCAL EXPO in Paris, France on June 20, 2006, at Concorde Lafayette.


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