Loquendo TTS Powers a New Tool for Language Learning

Tandem, an organization that brings together special learning aids and digital support, will integrate Loquendo TTS into its digital learning solutions for students of languages.

Loquendo's text-to-speech application will be integrated into Tandem's WOEF 2.0 and CATCH IT, two applications carefully designed for students of any age who have difficulty with word spelling in English, Dutch, French, or German.

Loquendo’s fluent and expressive TTS is an essential component of this educational tool, since one of the keys to the learning and long-term memory of words is to hear them spoken out loud. "For students with dyslexia it is very important, during the learning phase, to make a mental connection between reading and hearing the words", says Sandra Blijleven, managing director of Tandem. "The speech engine is therefore one of the most important elements of our solution. Loquendo provides the best speech technology we have ever heard, and thanks to this we have achieved sales results that were far above our expectations."

The applications come on a simple USB memory stick, and allow students to practice by using either lists of words created themselves, or standard lists provided with the applications. Words are displayed on the screen for four seconds and read aloud by Loquendo’s TTS. When the word disappears from the screen, the user practices spelling it correctly. Afterwards, students can take a test to check their learning progress. 

"Tandem has created some highly innovative and intuitively designed applications which enable language students to learn quickly, effectively and in an enjoyable way by exploiting the naturalness of Loquendo TTS," says Rosanna Duce, vice president of international sales at Loquendo. "The software is especially well-adapted for those with dyslexia and learning difficulties, and clearly demonstrates that speech technologies combined with e-learning innovative software have huge benefits to offer in bringing down barriers to accessibility and for education as a whole."

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