Loquendo Technology Powers i-TIM Voice; Loquendo Adds Three New TTS Voices

TURIN, ITALY — Loquendo, a global speech technology company, has provided its technology within Telecom Italia Mobile's (TIM) i-TIM Voice portal. Thanks to the new i-TIM Voice portal, subscribers can choose from a range of services in the menu or ask for other info just by saying what you want - you no longer need to key in your choice. For example, you can ask for everything about soccer and your favourite team's goals, the latest news, your horoscope, your favorite songs - which you can even dedicate and send to a friend's mobile. All you need to do to access the new voice portal is dial the number from your mobile phone and listen. A voice prompt will guide you through the i-TIM services. The following categories are currently available:

  • the "Newsagent" category for news, weather forecasts, competitions
  • the "Sports Bar" category for news on soccer, Formula 1, world motorbike and cycling racing, to hear the latest goal results on Sunday or the most famous soccer hymns and send them to a friend.
  • the "Luna Park" category for sending a dedicated message or for the latest on cinema, horoscopes, ring tones. In this category you'll also be able to listen to music from your favorite bands or particular phrases to dedicate to that special person.
The services offered by i-TIM voice portal have been made possible by VoxNauta, Loquendo's voice platform. VoxNauta is a complete open multilingual platform with the necessary speech components (such as best-of-breed Loquendo TTS, ASR and VXML-compliant Service Creation Environment) for creating interactive voice applications and services. Designed to scale to millions of users, the Platform is devised for the carrier and enterprise markets and streamlines the implementation of voice services. VoxNauta is created to provide information and services from anywhere, at anytime, from any phone. ALSO

Loquendo Adds Three New TTS Voices: Susan (U.S. English), Sophie (French), and Fabio (Italian)
Loquendo, a global speech technology provider, presents its latest Loquendo TTS speech synthesis voices: Susan, the new female voice to accompany Kenneth for U.S. English; Sophie, the attractive new female voice to accompany Bernard for French; and Fabio, a new entry among the rich array of possibilities realized for the Italian language. The Loquendo TTS (Text to Speech) synthesis engine uses the "Unit Selection" concatenative technique on a very wide range of sound samples. As for all the other languages, Loquendo's latest TTS guarantees efficiency features, portability, natural timbre and intonation and pronunciation accuracy. Information for this story was gathered from Loquendo.

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