Loquendo and Nekotec Partner

TURIN, Italy and MEXICO CITY, Mexico- Loquendo and Nekotec Telecom integrated Loquendo's multilingual solutions within Nekotec's NK90 service delivery platform. Nekotec Telecom's services customers such as Telmex and America Movil.

Nekotec and Loquendo are currently working together on the development of VoiceXML speech-enabled services for some customers in the Latin American market.

The NK90 is a convergent service node, designed to offer value-added services with features such as IVR, VoIP gateway, and media server. Loquendo VoiceXML platform solutions have incorporated several technological components within Nekotec Telecom products, including Loquendo ASR (automatic speech recognition) and Loquendo TTS (text-to-speech). NK90 has been integrated into Loquendo Speech Suite (LSS) through Loquendo's proprietary protocol, DAP. Loquendo LSS 6.0 includes ASR, TTS and VoiceXML 2.0, soon to be upgraded to Loquendo LSS 7.0, incorporating VoiceXML 2.1.

Loquendo ASR allows the NK90 to access information using voice commands instead of a telephone keypad, and currently supports several different languages, including English and Latin American Spanish.

With Loquendo TTS technology, any text that is stored in a file or database can be read aloud for the user.

Several applications have been developed including VAD (Voice Activated Dialing), Directory Assistance, Emergency Number Calling and Reminder Services. These have been deployed within the carriers' VAS infrastructure.


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