Lucyd to Include Voice Control in Smart Glasses

Lucyd, a smart eyewear and wearable software developer, introduced the Lucyd Lyte tech-enhanced eyewear that enables wearers to play music, take phone calls, and chat with their phone assistants.

The current system relies mostly on touch controls, allowing users to answer calls, skip tracks, adjust volume, access smartphone functions, and use voice assistants like Siri by tapping the glasses, but Lucyd is also developing a voice-controlled app called Vyrb, which it will incorporate into the Lyte glasses. Vyrb will allow users to listen and respond to social media posts with their voices.

"It's not just about expanding our connection to technology, but quite the opposite, it's really about connecting our technology to us," said Harrison Gross, Lucyd's co-founder and CEO, in a statement. "The new Lucyd Lyte collection is affordable at $149 and will work seamlessly with our Vyrb application, bringing true voice interaction to our social media interactions."

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