LumenVox Releases ArtiSpeech Version 2.0

SAN DIEGO - LumenVox released ArtiSpeech Version 2.0, which integrates with Vertical Communication's (Artisoft) TeleVantage®.  LumenVox has speech-enabled numerous features to provide all callers hands-free and numeric-free phone interactions.

New features in Version 2.0 include additional functionality in voicemail, email, and administrative options. Users can now utilize speech to access and place an outbound call to any of their TeleVantage personal or company contacts. New email features include the ability to retrieve, reply to, and manipulate mail located on Microsoft Exchange, iMap, and POP3 servers and to forward that mail to other addresses that are stored in global and/or personal address books.  TeleVantage administrators can also configure their databases remotely.

ArtiSpeech integrates with TeleVantage to speech-enable the name directory, allowing all callers to have hands-free and numeric-free phone interactions. It allows for alternate names, nicknames, and various spelling and pronunciations to be recognized. In addition, this solution enables users to retrieve, reply, and manipulate email, navigate voicemail, and access IVR applications.

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