Lyrix Enterprise Voice Portal Service Improves Communication for the Mobile Professional

BOSTON - Lyrix, Inc. announces the latest version of its Enterprise Voice Portal Service.  In this latest 4.6 release, Lyrix provides voice-controlled access to existing corporate email stores via the industry standard Internet Message Access Protocol Version 4 (IMAP4) protocol.  As part of Lyrix's Unified Communications Architecture (UCA), the Enterprise Voice Portal allows mobile employees to stay connected by using voice-activated dialing for personal and corporate directories, hands-free access to voice and email message stores and access to virtually any database-driven information resource. 

Using the IMAP4, Lyrix Email by Phone service allows mobile employees to access any IMAP4-compliant message store, such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes. Voice commands provide filtering capabilities that allow messages to be searched by specific criteria such as sender, message priority, or date.  Focus groups find that mobile professionals frequently rely on the voice portal when accessing email remotely.  By using Lyrix's PeopleFind to speak a name, portal users can locate an email from a particular sender.  Messages are rendered for the caller using advanced text-to-speech (TTS) engines from several leading speech vendors.

The ability to search and filter messages frees the mobile users from listening sequentially to every email in their inbox.  Subscribers may also reply to a message, which is recorded as a .wav file and emailed to the original sender.

Lyrix's Enterprise Voice Portal platform provides for carrier independence by permitting connectivity to multiple carriers, which can help enterprises cut telecommunications costs. It integrates with all standard telephony protocols and is compatible with all major PBXs.  

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