MERA Enhances Its VoIPal Session Border Controller with New Interworking Functionalities

TORONTO - MERA Systems announced that it has enhanced its VoIPal Session Border Controller with SIP features and routing mechanisms. The new set of capabilities enables VoIP interconnection of multivendor IP PBXs with each other as well as with the carrier's network.

MERA VoIPal is designed to address the compatibility requirements of medium to large businesses that operate multiple IP PBXs deployed at geographically dispersed corporate offices. Since every vendor delivers its own implementation of VoIP standards, many call management services (call forward, call transfer etc.) often cannot be processed correctly by the carrier's equipment or IP PBXs from other manufacturers. Furthermore, even single-vendor solutions may implement protocols differently, as VoIP is constantly evolving.   

MERA is offering a SBC that enables a VoIP interconnection of IP PBXs with each other and with the service provider's network. MERA VoIPal SBC performs two-way SIP/H.323 translation, fixes inconsistencies between protocol dialects, and converts media codecs for carrier-to-enterprise and enterprise-to-enterprise connectivity.

MERA VoIPal SBC has passed laboratory tests accomplished by BELAM Telecom, Inc., a NORTEL Networks authorized distributor. During the test runs, MERA VoIPal ensured interoperation of NORTEL Networks' Communication Server and BCM with carrier-class networks, and NORTEL Networks' carrier-grade Multimedia Communication Server (MCS 5100) with enterprise IP PBXs via SIP. Beside Nortel Networks, the MERA VoIPal compatibility list includes Alcatel, Cisco Systems, Siemens, VocalTec and other leading IP PBX vendors.

Another feature that enhances enterprise-to-enterprise connectivity is the ability to concentrate and route VoIP traffic originating from all the IP PBXs deployed in a corporate network. MERA VoIPal now comes with routing tools that distribute calls between the available service providers based on a set of predefined rules - day of week / time of day, source / destination number, source IP address, etc. In this way, MERA VoIPal serves as the management center for the enterprise network, coordinating voice and multimedia circulation between geographically distributed office locations.

Most IP PBXs cannot be interconnected with each other via public Internet for security reasons. To protect the network from unauthorized access, MERA VoIPal provides a solution to the enterprise security requirements. MERA VoIPal functions as an application-layer firewall. It performs the necessary screening of VoIP traffic and provides call admission control (CAC), thereby protecting the enterprise VoIP network against security threats such as DoS attacks or unauthorized access.

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