MM Group Handles Customer Request Peaks with Speech

LONDON - Virtual agents are proving helpful in supporting MM Group staff handle peaks in customers requesting information, as callers welcome the new interactive voices over touchtone systems.

These virtual agents, real voices operated by advanced software, have been used on a number of clients including: a government agency; Bradford Exchange; and Glade Air Fresheners.

The services, provided by Fluency Voice Technology, include functionality to recognize callers' name and address details, telephone and media codes, as well as, routing calls to appropriately skilled staff. For the government service, call completion rates have increased by over 30 percent, while the other services have collected over 50 percent more customer details than would have been achieved using other automated call handling systems.

Rachel Robinson, business development director, MM Group, says: "By using the Fluency Voice service in conjunction with MM Group's fulfillment services, we've been able to easily and rapidly process the large peaks in call volumes associated with responses to these marketing campaigns and with a considerably higher level of customer service than is available using a 'record and transcribe later' system."

"By using speech recognition to handle the calls, we have been able to significantly improve completion rates and reduce information/brochure request turnaround times, as well as improving the service we give to callers.  We're delighted that our clients will now have access to Fluency's speech recognition solutions, which will increase efficiency and improve customer service," Robinson continued.

MM Group responses to campaigns typically either use live agents, where matching agent resource levels to unpredictable and peaky call arrival volumes can prove both challenging and costly; or 'record and transcribe later' services, where the transcription of the caller's details causes a delay and some recordings end up unclear or incomplete.

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