MagneticTime Releases iAudioize for the Mac

LIMERICK, Ireland & NEW YORK - MagneticTime released iAudioize for the Mac worldwide. MagneticTime's first product to run on Mac OS X, iAudioize lets you listen to your emails, Word, PDF, and Pages documents in MP3 format on your iPod.

iAudioize files are designed to take advantage of standard iTunes and iPod functions, so emails and documents, like songs, can be played, paused, stopped, skipped back and forward, and filed in Playlists.

iAudioize's text-to-speech technology transforms emails or documents into speech, reading it aloud.

iAudioize Features:

  • Uses 4 times less space than a typical MP3
  • Automatically selects and downloads your daily emails to your iPod
  • Works with Word, Pages, PDF, and many more file types
  • Stores your emails and documents like your music in iTunes
  • Builds your portable email and document 'audio' library

iAudioize Features Unique to the Mac:

  • Support for Drag n Drop (files and folders)
  • Playlist structure
  • Automated Playlist population
  • Support for more file formats - PDF, Pages, Raw Text
  • Search Functionality
  • Ability to create new documents directly within the application itself
  • Ability to edit documents within the application
  • Visible scrolling text in sync with the audio playback
  • Keyboard controls
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