MessageLoud Launches to Help End Distracted Driving

messageLOUD has launched an applicatiom that automatically reads texts and email out loud so people can put their phones down and drive safely.

messageLOUD is available for download at the Google Play Store: free for the first 30 days, then& $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year. It currerntly works with Android devices, with versions for iPhone and smart wearables coming soon.

The service requires a one-time sign-in with the user's email address and supports Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Hotmail, and Yahoo. When the user gets in his car, he just taps the messageLOUD icon and sets to DRIVEmode. The Bluetooth-enabled app offers a customizable auto-responder for incoming texts. Users can also customize settings, such as contacts to allow or ignore, and tailor the messages to be read out loud.

"Distracted driving kills thousands, injures more than half a million people each year, and is responsible for billions of dollars in insurance claims. Our mission at messageLOUD is to eliminate accidents and deaths due to smartphone usage while driving," said Garin Toren, founder and CEO of messageLOUD, in a statement. "We're working with local and federal governments, non-profits, corporations and mobile phone carriers to orchestrate a tangible effort to deliver safer messaging while driving."

The largest provider of mobile parking and toll payments app, PayByPhone, is partnering with messageLOUD to provide the service to its more than 10 million registered users across hundreds of cities, universities, and private operators.

"Despite all our efforts to educate the masses, enforce stricter rules and severe punishments, distracted driving remains a deadly problem," said Barrie Arnold, chief commercial officer at PayByPhone, in a statement. "Accidents and fatalities are on the rise. We need a better solution that keeps eyes on the road. I believe messageLOUD will help."

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