Microvocal selects BrightSpeech

MONS, BELGIUM - Babel Technologies S.A., a player in providing speech and language technology has announced that Microvocal, a provider in customized and accessible information technology solutions for the blind and visually impaired, has integrated Babel's BrightSpeech Text-to-Speech (TTS) solution in its automated reading kiosk. The reading kiosk has been specifically developed to grant access to information in public places like airports, train stations, shopping centres, city halls and so on, to people who have difficulties reading standard documentation, leaflets, books and other written material. Microvocal's automated reading kiosk enables the blind and visually impaired to easily and rapidly read typed documents, simply by clicking one button. It has been equipped with a customized scanner and a document guide, an audio headset (so as not to disturb others), and a case with a button to activate the reading and anti-theft systems. The reading kiosk is simple to use and does not require any user-assistance. The Microvocal automated reading kiosk is currently available in French, English, German and Spanish and thus offers unlimited opportunities to access sites, places and information, on a Europe-wide scale. The decision to use Babel's BrightSpeech engine was based on its outstanding human sounding-quality and 'naturalness' in the languages that Microvocal required BrightSpeech is Babel Technologies' next-generation text-to-speech (TTS) solution. BrightSpeech offers unlimited application opportunities for software developers wishing to use synthetic speech as an information carrier of exceptional quality, for their products or services. Based on Unit Selection technology, this human-sounding TTS engine can be easily integrated into telecoms servers and multimedia applications, making it the ideal speech solution for voice portals, interactive voice response systems, unified messaging (including e-mail reading), educational software and interactive kiosks. Vincent Fontaine, Babel Technologies' CEO, said: "Speech technology has proven to have many worthwhile applications. With the introduction of the Microvocal reading kiosk, speech technology is now providing the blind and visually impaired with access to essential information in many public places." Fontaine added: "Once again, BrightSpeech has shown its flexibility and suitability in an application that will increase the quality of life for millions of citizens across Europe." Microvocal already uses various speech technologies from Babel in both its Speakey product (an integrated software package that groups a multitude of information technology functions in one tool) and in Papyrus (an easy to use and versatile document management solution). The software is completely voice-driven by speech synthesis where users can select their preferred voice, amongst which are Babel's Infovox, Babil and BrightSpeech text-to-speech voices. Providing access to software and information remains fundamental for the blind, visually impaired and other target groups to allow them to go about their daily lives just as well as other people do.
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