MindMeld Launches MindMeld 2.0

MindMeld (formerly Expect Labs), a provider of intelligent voice interfaces, today launched MindMeld 2.0, a technology platform for creating large-scale language-understanding and question-answering capabilities on apps and devices. This platform enables enterprises to leverage their own proprietary data collections towards creating  voice experiences.

The MindMeld platform powers advanced voice experiences used by some of the largest cable operators, government agencies, automotive companies, and content providers. MindMeld 2.0  is currently in trial by several online services, including music streaming service Spotify.

"Voice is becoming a critical part of content discovery, navigation, and search," said Lawrence Kennedy, senior product manager at Spotify, in a statement. "With MindMeld 2.0, we are exploring how we can leverage the rich metadata of Spotify's catalog of content to create an intuitive and convenient voice experience to take music discovery and playback to the next level."

"For the first time since the dawn of AI, it is now possible to build applications which can understand natural human language with high enough accuracy to prove useful for a wide range of tasks," said Tim Tuttle, CEO and founder of MindMeld, in a statement. "With the launch of MindMeld 2.0, this powerful technology can be enlisted by thousands of companies to create next-generation voice experiences which will delight their customers."

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