MobileHelp and LifePod Connect AI-Driven, Voice-Enhanced Caregiving Solution with Emergency Response

MobileHelp, a provider of mobile medical alert and personal health management technology, and LifePod Solutions, a provider of virtual caregiving services, are rolling out a voice-first service enhanced with emergency response to serve older adults.

The new solution leverages the iHome smart speaker to provide users with access to LifePod's proactive and reactive voice dialog management platform, enhanced with the MobileHelp emergency response systems.

By adding a LifePod system to their MobileHelp emergency response subscription, users will be able to summon the help they need, be it a family member or an emergency responder by simply using their voices.

When the LifePod speaker detects a cry for help—such as "Hello LifePod, I need help now!"—it will ask the user if she is having a medical emergency. If the subscriber answers in the affirmative or does not respond, she will be connected directly to a MobileHelp emergency response center.

"We know that more than 34 million U.S. adults serve as unpaid caregivers to an adult over the age of 50 and more than half of those receiving care reside in their own homes," said Rob Flippo, CEO of MobileHelp, in a statement. "LifePod's platform allows us to deliver the first emergency response solution integrated with a voice-first caregiving service designed to empower people who want to age in place, while providing peace of mind to their caregivers."

Designed to allow people to be comfortable, independent and safe at home for as long as possible, LifePod expands the capabilities of popular smart speakers with innovative dialog management capabilities that make it easy for caregivers to configure personalized, proactive voice dialogs for their clients and loved ones.

LifePod-powered smart speakers also enable older adults in their home to use an intuitive voice user interface to control streaming content (e.g., music, news or weather) and for their caregivers to configure proactive check-ins and health or social reminders to monitor and support them throughout the day, every day.

"We are excited to demonstrate the first-ever, mobile emergency response service enhanced with the power of voice-AI and natural language processing to enable users who can't reach their PERS device or button to summon help by voice!" said Stuart Patterson, CEO of LifePod, in a statement. "Millions of paid and unpaid caregivers need this type of easy-to-use yet powerful service combined with a state-of-the-art emergency response solution to help them monitor and care for their clients and loved ones when they can't be there in person."

The first version of an integrated solution including MobileHelp emergency response service and LifePod's proactive-voice caregiving service will be available later this year.

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