Motorola Debuts Next Generation Voice-Directed Solution for Industrial Environments

Motorola has bolstered its TekSpeech platform, first introduced 10 years ago, with a number of technical advancements including a zero-training speaker-independent speech recognition engine and a flexible architecture. The enhanced voice-directed solution improves the productivity and efficiency of mobile workers in warehouses, distribution centers, and other logistics environments. TekSpeech Pro can be used for core warehouse management applications such as picking, packing, receiving, cross-docking, put-away, replenishment, loading, and quality inspection.

Picking and replenishment processes account for up to 70 percent of operating costs in a warehouse and remain the top priority for warehouse professionals to address with advanced technology solutions that help reduce order fulfillment costs and increase worker efficiency and productivity, according to the company. Motorola Solutions' Future of Warehousing Surveypredicts that picking and replenishment solutions during the next five years will see a significant shift (a 142 percent increase) toward true multimodal operation and workflows.

Motorola's voice-directed solution requires no speaker training, providing for fast and easy deployments. Users can speak naturally regardless of accent or speed of speech.

The TekSpeech Pro platform also features technology that can be tailored to meet partner and customer needs with a set of tools that allow users to customize their application, seamlessly integrate into warehouse management systems and enterprise resource planning systems, and analyze voice-directed processes to improve workflows.

The company said that is has the widest range of multimodal devices and accessories that enable speech applications for warehouses. Multimodal support enables a more natural and efficient communication environment that allows users to interact through multiple modes of speech, scan, touch screen, and keyboard input.

"Voice-directed solutions in the warehouse traditionally have been costly and complex to implement and required proprietary hardware and software," said Joe White, vice president of enterprise mobile computing, Motorola Solutions, in a statement. "Motorola Solutions is reinforcing its ten-year commitment to this market with TekSpeech Pro, bringing flexibility and performance to a completely open, multimodal solution that will help partners and customers deploy voice-enabled applications. "

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