NCT's Echo Cancellation Technology Gets Approval From Texas Instruments

NCT's ClearSpeech Acoustic Echo Cancellation products for both hands-free and hand-held devices have passed the Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320 DSP Algorithm Compliance Tests for the C55 architecture and have been accepted into TI's eXpressDSP program. This brings the total number of NCT's eXpressDSP compliant products to eight. As eXpressDSP compliant products, NCT's technology helps customers integrate voice-based communications devices into their systems.
The TMS320 DSP Algorithm Standard defines a set of algorithm programming rules, coding conventions and application programming interfaces (APIs) for algorithm creators to use. By following these standards, algorithms can be integrated by OEMs across a range of products based on the same architecture.

ClearSpeech is a suite of software algorithms that provide noise cancellation for human listeners, voice recognition, echo cancellation and signal conditioning.

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