NEC Adds Advanced Unified Messaging with Speech Recognition

NEC Corp. of America today introduced UNIVERGE UM8700, a scalable unified messaging solution that delivers advanced speech and mobility features designed to meet the needs of midsize to large enterprises. The architecture of the UM8700 integrates with a customer’s current communications technology or email system to deliver unified messaging and helps users manage messages while in the office and stay connected when they leave the office.

Built on Applied Voice and Speech Technologies’ (AVST) CallXpress platform, UM8700 includes advanced call processing voicemail, unified messaging, personal assistant, fax, speech, and notification tools that make it easier to access and manage messages. Additionally, UM8700 offers continuous protection of mission-critical communications services with a distributed architecture that can predict and correct problems before they occur.

The personal assistant feature allows users to screen and route calls to the most appropriate telephone—desk, mobile, or home office phone—based on scheduling. Additionally, UM8700’s voice user interface enables speech recognition capabilities so that customers can access their inboxes whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the road. Users can also access messages, navigate message queues, process messages, or even call system users through speech commands.

“The new features included in the UM8700 can enhance user mobility and productivity in a variety of roles,” said Jay Krauser, general manager and senior technology strategist at NEC. “In one common example, the voice user interface can be accessed by a receptionist in a mid- to large-sized healthcare company with multiple clinics to make appointments easier and faster, thereby reducing patient hand-off across offices, increasing patient satisfaction and allowing the receptionist to address more patient calls. The receptionist can also navigate through large directories of doctors, nurses and administrators with a simple voice command, making it simpler to locate people and stay on task.”

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