Nabaztag, WordQ, MagneticTime.com and Mobile Speak Pocket Select Acapela

Nabaztag is a communicating object - a 23cm tall rabbit that can talk, play sounds, light up and move its ears.

NabaztagNabaztag can read out, sing or dance your messages, music and MP3s received via the Web, by SMS, telephone or e-mail. Acapela's speech synthesis gives Nabaztag a voice to read out any written text sent by e-mail, SMS or via the Web site. This service is available in English or French.

"The quality of the speech synthesis is obviously a great success with the people who buy Nabaztag. The intensive use of the service via the Nabaztag Web site shows the pratical interests of text-to-speech." Says Olivier Mével from Violet.

WordQ is a tool that helps students to write independently. Acapela text-to-speech allows the user to proof read his/her writing.

Quillsoft Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of educational software, has released WordQ2, the latest version of its word prediction software for education and learning disabilities.

WordQ is used along with standard writing software. It suggests words to use and provides Acapela spoken feedback to help the end user find mistakes.

Acapela text-to-speech, which reads aloud any text in real time with voice, is used to suggest words out loud while typing or to read typed sentences to allow proof reading.
"Acapela's natural voices are key elements to making WordQ an efficient and successful tool. It provides stimulating real-time feedback, thus allowing end users to assess their own work." said Teresa Brown, marketing director of Quillsoft.

WordQ is currently in use in over 900 schools in Ontario.

MagneticTime.com, a Web-based software company, has chosen Acapela text-to-speech for its flagship product, which allows users to listen to emails and Word attachments on their iPod, PC, Mobile phone or PDA.

Acapela text-to-speech transforms emails or word attachments into speech, reading it aloud. It speaks multiple languages and reads proper names, numbers and currencies for restitution of the information.

"MagneticTime reduces the effort needed to acquire, process and digest information. Empowered by Acapela's golden voices, MagneticTime selects and loads your daily emails for you, building a portable library which you can take with you, on any mobile device. Time spent, say commuting in your car or by train can now be used more profitably." said Richard O'Donnell, MagneticTime's CEO.

Currently available in English using the Acapela voice, 'Heather', MagneticTime will also be soon available in French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Belgian Dutch and Swedish.

Mobile Speak Pocket is a screen reader for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC devices that provides a speech-enabled interface to people suffering of visual disabilities.

From reading aloud any text or incoming information to browsing Internet on the move, Mobile Speak Pocket gives blind and visually impaired users access to windows mobile devices.

Mobile Speak Pocket works with a variety of keyboards and Braille devices. The user can chose a PDA or a Smartphone and add Mobile Speak Pocket to it.

Mobile Speak Pocket is already available in 18 languages. It enables customization of parameters such as speech or text review. It includes support for a number of third party applications such as GPS navigation software. Once, SFR, Maroc Telecom, Vodafone, Bouygues Telecom are part of Code Factory customers.

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