Nemesysco Releases the QA5 Emotion Detection SDK for Call Center Quality Monitoring

NETANYA, Israel — Nemesysco released the QA5 Software Development Kit, enabling call center equipment vendors and system integrators to integrate Nemesysco's emotion detection technology into their call center products. QA5 uses Nemesysco's Layered Voice Analysis technology to detect and measure anger, stress, and other relevant emotions that arise in call center conversations. In online use, QA5 can analyze ongoing calls and alert agents and supervisors when call events occur. In offline use, QA5 can be used to identify patterns of interaction within calls and evaluate specific aspects of customer service quality.

In conjunction with LioNet, Nemesysco's learning system component, the software allows you to define, train, and detect self-defined emotions or tag archived conversations according to pre-defined criteria. 


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