New Firmware Available for Plextalk Devices

Shinano Kenshi has released new firmware for its PLEXTALK Pocket digital player/recorder. The new Pocket Firmware Upgrade: Version 4 for the Pocket (PTP1) device is available as a free download at the company’s PLEXTALK Web site, www.plextalk.com

The PLEXTALK Pocket Firmware Upgrade: Version 4 features a host of new options and improvements including a new “Network Folder” function. Once the “Network Folder” application is downloaded, the Pocket becomes WIFI-enabled. Pocket users can then access SD cards on their Pockets (via wireless LAN) without having to connect to their computers via USB. Users can perform often-used “Title” functions wirelessly such as copy, move or delete. 

Other new features included in the PLEXTALK Pocket Firmware Upgrade: Version 4 are flexible adjustment of volume and speed allowing various settings for content playback and voice guides with different speed settings for text-based content, audio books and audio music, a menu selection “Shortcut” function enabling users to access menu items by using only one keystroke, easy title selection through a new “Recent Titles” list, faster forward and rewind, and spell-navigation of text-based content.

In addition to the Pocket’s current playability of content from RFB&D, Read How You Want, Bookshare.org and the National Library Service, PLEXTALK Pocket Firmware Upgrade: Version 4 supports new readability of audio books from Audible.com. Plextalk Pocket users can now download more than 75,000 audio programs from more than 1,200 content providers at Audible.com, including leading audio book publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers, and business information providers.  

“The PLEXTALK Pocket is a high quality portable media player/recorder with true crossover capability with a host of applications and features to support complete accessibility for people who are visually impaired or learning disabled,” said Deana Valdez, PLEXTALK's sales and marketing manager for North America. “The new PLEXTALK Pocket Firmware Upgrade: Version 4 allows users to experience more reading freedom and self reliance.” 

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