Nexidia Pairs with kCura to Add Audio and Video Search to Relativity

Nexidia, a provider of audio and video search analytics, and kCura, developers of the e-discovery software >Relativity, today announced that Nexidia has developed a plug-in for kCura's Relativity e-discovery software.

The plug-in is designed to help clients review and analyze electronic audio files as part of litigation discovery and regulatory compliance matters. Working with Relativity's open API, Nexidia has integrated its audio and video search into Relativity.

With the plug-in, users will be able to automatically create records in Relativity for the audio and video files identified in Nexidia's Forensic Search software. From within Relativity, users can organize, code, and play back relevant recordings. This plug-in will allow users to receive the full benefits of the Nexidia audio discovery environment while maintaining all relevant files in Relativity's Web-based, e-discovery platform.

"Increasingly, complex litigation, investigations, and regulatory inquiries involve audio and even video content. Partnering with kCura means Relativity users will have audio and video content integrated in a single, centralized repository," said Jeff Schlueter, Nexidia's vice president for the legal market. "We are pleased to be partnered with the kCura team."

"We're excited to welcome Nexidia to the Relativity Ecosystem," said Andrew Sieja, president and CEO of kCura. "Nexidia's audio and video search analytics will bring a lot of efficiencies to our users, and will allow them to do more with their investment in Relativity."

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