Nexidia and Semafone Partner

Nexidia, a provider of audio search and speech analytics solutions, and Semafone, the United Kingdom's contact center payments security experts, today announced a partnership to address fraud and identity theft in the contact center environment. 

The partnership between Nexidia and Semafone will ensure that past and future credit card details are inaccessible by contact center staff. Semafone’s technical solution delivers secure voice transactions during the live call and ensures no new credit card details are stored, while historical voice recordings of credit card numbers can be quickly located within the vast stores of an organization’s recorded data using Nexidia Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) solution and easily redacted. 

“This combined total solution is a very timely offering to the contact center marketplace," said Tim Critchley, managing director at Semafone. "It addresses a major issue for any organization with a contact center taking customer payments over the phone. We are delighted to be partnering with Nexidia, whose responsiveness to changing market demands closely mirrors our own.”

The Semafone solution makes paying by phone secure by ensuring that no card information is ever seen or heard by the contact center agent. The agent and caller are never disconnected from each other, and are able to talk freely throughout the card transaction. This is achieved using SecureMode, which allows the call—and critically, the call recording—to continue as normal while the customer enters credit card information usingthe phone keypad. For complete security, Semafone masks the DTMF digits entered by the caller so they are never heard by the contact center agent nor recorded on the call recording system.

Existing call recording systems record all voice traffic and most organizations keep their recordings for many years; indeed Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations stipulate the retention of call recordings for seven years, which can amount to millions of transactions. Adherence to the PCI DSS for these organizations and the extraction of credit card references in this vast store of data presents a major challenge. With a reputation for delivering the most powerful, flexible and affordable speech analytics solutions in the market, Nexidia ESI enables customers to quickly extract deep and meaningful business intelligence directly from their recorded contact center interactions. Based on years of research, Nexidia’s proprietary phonetic search engine indexes 100 percent of the call content and creates the most accurate index possible for any spoken content, which ensures users can quickly and comprehensively locate key credit card references in their stored data.

“Nexidia’s proven ability to accurately search vast volumes of call recordings, coupled with Semafone’s innovative secure transaction software, provides a formidable solution that addresses not only the pressing compliance issues but also the industry credibility issues that are rapidly arising from this perceived ‘easy option’,” states Jonathan Wax, vice president of EMEA Nexidia. “We are delighted to be partnered with Semafone in addressing fraud in the contact centre. The pressing need, especially in financial services, provides us with a major inroad into this key market sector.”

Nexidia ESI is a speech analytics solution that can instantly access call recording data no matter what the legacy recording platform.  This gives an excellent technological fit with the Semafone solution, which also runs on an independent telephony platform that can be used regardless of the call recording or telephony systems already in place.

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