Next IVR Delivers Integrated Web Telephone Voice Applications

HAMPTON, NH - Next IVR, the developers of next generation voice applications, launched several new products and services focused on integrating telephone and web technologies. With Next IVR Voice solutions companies will be able to communicate with their customers on a single platform. Next IVR solutions are built on open standards for ease of use, quick implementation and a rapid return on investment. "Companies have spent a tremendous amount of money and resources on developing their websites while, most of their customers still conduct business over the telephone. Having two channels to support has become a serious business challenge. We believe that the telephone should be an integral part of the web. Our solutions are designed to work with the existing web infrastructure saving our customers money," said Eric Phetteplace, President of Next IVR. Next IVR Products and Services include: Virtual Receptionist- Voice driven application that provides full time call receptionist, which transfers the call directly to the person or department, they wish to reach. If no one is available, the call can be routed to voicemail, cell phone, e-mail, pager or fax. Automated Order Entry- Voice driven application facilitates the ordering process via the telephone. Just like customers experience on the Web, customers can create new accounts, place orders and check up on order status all through the telephone using their voice. Voice Self Service -Voice driven solution designed to allow individuals to access and update benefit information via the telephone. Individuals can perform such functions as enroll, listen to their current benefits and make changes. Custom Built Solutions- Next IVR services have the expertise to build custom applications for our customers. Next IVR's stepped approach defines the issue, designs the application to meet your requirements, develops the solution for implementation, comprehensively tests the solution, activate the solution and measures for success.
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