Nortel Networks Announces Key Customers and New Solutions

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Nortel Networks announced new communications solutions and key customers who are adopting the networking solutions that enable multimedia applications to be shared across an enterprise.

Created to leverage Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), these new solutions eliminate geographic constraints so that employees who travel or are located at branch offices, home offices and other areas outside of the headquarters facilities can have a work presence similar to that of their headquarters-based counterparts.

Nortel Networks introduced the following new product capabilities:

  • Nortel Networks Communications Server 1000, Release 4.0: This new call server software will integrate Communication Server 1000 telephony with MCS 5100 SIP-based multimedia applications to deliver voice, data and video services to users.
  • Nortel Networks Multimedia Communications Server 5100 Release 3.0: MCS 5100 delivers voice, call management, desktop video calling, collaboration tools and personalization services to a distributed workforce. Release 3.0 offers enhanced video capabilities with multi-point video conferencing, new Instant Messaging capabilities, and Web application collaboration that allows applications and documents to be shared in real time.
  • Nortel Networks Communication Server 2100: CS 2100 will enable geographic dispersal of call servers and will provide enhanced support for the SIP protocol and new wireless IP telephones. Based on industry standards, it can accommodate third-party applications and gateways.
  • Nortel Networks Symposium* Call Center Server Release 5.0: This new release enhances network skill-based routing to provide more flexibility for enterprises when creating a virtual contact center.  Future contact center upgrades will provide multimedia capabilities using SIP-enabled devices, providing wired and wireless, video, chat and Instant Messaging.
  • Nortel Networks Alteon* Operating System 22.0: This latest release will include SIP load balancing, which delivers applications via the Intelligent Traffic Management suite.
  • Nortel Networks BayStack* 5520 Ethernet Switches: Stackable Gigabit switches provide Power-over-Ethernet, BayStack 5520 switches will enable customers to upgrade their desktop user infrastructure once, providing both Gigabit connectivity and power to products such as IP telephones and WLAN access points while enabling campus mobility.
  • Nortel Networks IP Telephones, Models 2006 and 2007: With a full-color display and the feature/functionality set of Nortel Networks IP Telephone portfolio, the IP Phone 2007 will offer Bluetooth compatibility and USB peripheral support.
Companies, government entities and institutions that are deploying these solutions include:  Andrade Gutierrez; Barton HealthCare System; BASF; Cadence Design Systems; City of Coquitlam; City of Seattle; Erlanger Health System; Federal Express Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis; Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering; Greater Manchester Police; Kaiser Permanente; Korean Broadcasting Service; Universidade Metodista; Memorial Healthcare; Monster Worldwide Technologies; Nomura International Plc.; San Francisco Giants; Sigue Corp.; Sixbell; SK Telecom; State of Washington; Sutter Health; Texas AandM University; University of Connecticut, School of Business; and the Virginia State Police.

The virtual enterprise solution based on Nortel Networks MCS 5100 has enabled Monster Worldwide Technologies to provide collaborative multimedia communication services to a geographically distributed workforce, including remote workers.

"The ability for our people to communicate with one voice, regardless of where they are and how they connect to the network, enables us to serve our customers with unprecedented familiarity, and that leads to unprecedented loyalty," said Brian Farrey, president, Monster Worldwide Technologies. "Nortel Networks MCS 5100 provides the most innovative set of applications to deliver truly consolidated, multimedia capabilities in a well-designed comprehensive solution."

Erlanger Health System has teamed with Nortel Networks to help healthcare professionals serve their patients and provide an information system that provides critical data where it is needed in a timely fashion. Drawing together the many campuses and facilities of the Erlanger Health System enables them to operate as a single entity to ensure that patient information can be sent to the proper authority without undue delay, which is of particular importance in the healthcare industry.

"Teaming with Nortel Networks has allowed us to put the information tools in the hands of our staff to improve patient care and that is the most important consideration in this industry," said John Haltom, Erlanger Health System. "After we deployed the gear, it was obvious that it was not only a nice fit for our organization but ultimately and - most importantly - would greatly reduce the cost of providing services to our staff and community. Our biggest benefit was the immediate feeling that we - our IT staff - are now in control of the network, not the other way around."

Government agencies are better equipped to serve their constituents and maximize stewardship of public funds by adopting this approach. The City of Seattle is using the technology to inform citizens of governmental affairs. The City chose Nortel Networks as a partner in executing their mission of providing Seattle's citizens with increased access to City staff, departments, agencies and their services.

"The City operates as a virtual contact center in the constituent's eyes, so we count on our communications technologies to help us enable voice, data, and contact center solutions that make sense. Using these technologies, the City can be more responsive to the needs of our citizens and improve communications across departments. Nortel products are used extensively to meet these goals," said Dean Louis Arnold, Director of Communications Technologies - Information Technology, City of Seattle.

Educational institutions are also providing integration among stakeholders by adopting the Virtual Enterprise. Texas AandM University is using Nortel Networks equipment to provide capabilities for researchers, faculty, staff and students, enabling them to tap the Internet.

Federal Express Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis is using MCS 5100 to provide an environment among its researchers and scientists to become the 'Workplace of the Future.' By provisioning IP Telephony and multimedia applications to all staff, researchers can now use their laptops and answer their phones from a single number regardless of location - office, lab or even a hotel room. With the implementation of MCS 5100, all users can set up applications, including videoconferencing, instant messaging, white boarding and file exchange.

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