Now Alexa Can Help You Unclog Your Toilet

Roto-Rooter has launched voice skills for Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart speakers, offering step-by-step instructions for fixing common plumbing problems.

This is the first phase of Roto-Rooter's Voice strategy, which includes several interactive prompts on both devices. It can guide users through tasks or summon a Roto-Rooter plumber to solve the customer's problem. To initiate contact with Roto-Rooter on Google Home, say, "Hey Google, talk to Roto-Rooter." On Alexa, say, "Alexa, enable Roto-Rooter." From there, the growing list of command prompts includes: "Hey Google, ask Roto-Rooter for DIY tips;" or "Alexa, ask Roto-Rooter how to fix my backed-up shower drain;" and "Hey Google, ask Roto-Rooter how to unclog my toilet."

"Roto-Rooter's marketing team understands this is yet another way for users to connect with our brand and become familiar with our service offerings, so as early adopters in our industry, we've created these voice skills to fill a void," said Sally Bayer, vice president of marketing at Roto-Rooter, in a statement. "Nobody knows exactly where this technology will lead, but we know for certain that we want to be at the forefront of anything that pertains to our area of expertise," she added.

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