Nuance Enhances Dragon Law Enforcement

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Nuance Communications today unveiled the latest version of Dragon Law Enforcement, bringing highly customized dictation and documentation capabilities to police officers, sergeants, detectives, and other command and support staff at the station and while on patrol.

Dragon Law Enforcement has been updated to include a next-generation speech engine leveraging Nuance Deep Learning technology, so it delivers high-recognition accuracy and can learn and adapt to a variety of accents and environments.

To further increase dictation accuracy, Dragon Law Enforcement's customized language model has also been updated to support common words and phrases used by law enforcement, such as car and truck makes and models. The vocabulary can also be expanded to include custom or localized words and phrases. Dragon Law Enforcement's license plate lookup mode also enables officers to automatically switch from dictation to common lookup tasks.

With advanced speech recognition and robust voice command capabilities, law enforcement professionals can document incidents in real time by voice, speed data entry into records management systems (RMS), and keep their eyes on their surroundings by minimizing the use of the mobile data terminal (MDT) keyboard in their patrol cars.

"Law enforcement professionals face documentation and reporting demands unique to them, and any inefficiencies can have a ripple effect across departments and agencies. From impacting criminal proceedings and officer omnipresence, to costs and situational awareness, the implications of reporting inefficiencies can be very high," said Mark Geremia, vice president and general manager of Dragon at Nuance, in a statement. "Dragon Law Enforcement provides a faster and more efficient way to document incidents, a safer way to conduct common lookups, and is a viable solution for improving focus and situational awareness in this high-demand, in-field job. When all is said and done, armed with Dragon Law Enforcement, the focus shifts from paperwork to protecting and serving the public."

"Dragon speeds the license plate lookup experience with both our RMS and web-based license plate systems.  Our officers can simply speak plate details and within seconds, plate registration and ownership details are on the screen. Once our officers used it, they didn't want to give it up," said Chief Joseph Solomon of the Methuen, Mass., Police Department, in a statement. "Additionally, this is one of the greatest officer safety tools to come along in years."

Dragon Law Enforcement is highly customizable. Using the Nuance Management Center (NMC), IT administrators can deploy and manage Dragon Law Enforcement and set and store user settings, such as custom words and commands, across departments. In addition, PowerMic settings can also be stored and shared with the NMC.

"Our officers have a significant responsibility to keep our community safe, but also face administrative responsibilities, such as incident reporting, which requires a quick turnaround and ample detail. Reporting serves an important role with documentation, but the quality of the reporting also reflects on our personnel and agency. Dragon allows officers to quickly dictate reports while safely maintaining their situational awareness in their patrol cars. Dragon also allows for central management and customizations including, terms, street names, and other words or names unique to our agency," said Greg Katz, a lieutenant with the Billerica, Mass., Police Department, in a statement.

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