Nuance Gives SayHi Translate App a Voice

Nuance Communications' voice technology is powering the SayHi Translate app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

SayHi Translate takes advantage of the Dragon Mobile SDK through the Nuance Mobile Developer Program, providing developers with access to speech recognition, including the Dragon Apps, as well as Nuance's text-to-speech technology.

SayHi Translate leverages Nuance's voice recognition and text-to-speech to shatter the language barrier for businesses and put a translator in the pocket of business professionals with real-time translations. SayHi Translate was designed specifically for professionals with a secure platform catering to the interpretation needs of financial planners, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, educators, bankers, retailers, government agencies, and many more. SayHi Translate supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese.

"We have created an accurate and secure mobile interpretation app that provides businesses with the most convenient way to communicate with the over 60 million potential non English-speaking U.S. customers. To truly be an indispensable translator in your pocket, SayHi Translate needs to integrate powerful voice technology that works. It's just that simple. With the Dragon Mobile SDK, we were able to quickly and easily integrate Nuance's incredible voice capabilities, getting this latest version of our innovative app into the market in just a few weeks," said Lee Bossio, CEO of SayHi Translate.

With the Dragon Mobile SDK, developers can bring any voice-enabled app to market, even if they have never implemented speech technology before. The Nuance Mobile Developer Program has helped integrate the voice recognition and text-to-speech capabilities of some of the most popular apps on the market, including Siri, Price Check by Amazon, Ask for iPhone, Merriam-Webster, Dictionary.com, OnStar RemoteLink, Aisle411, AirYell, Yellow Pages by Avantar, Taskmind, EZ CM by EZ Connector, Bon'App, and others.

"Voice technology has the ability to transform the mobile app experience, giving apps like SayHi Translate an entirely new and intuitive way to be engaged," said Matt Revis, vice president of product marketing and management at Nuance Mobile. "It's very exciting to see so many high-quality apps come out of the Nuance Mobile Developer Program across a broad range of domains, from translation to e-commerce to navigation, and much more."

SayHi Translate is currently available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch through the U.S. iTunes store with a SayHi Translate account.

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