Nuance Releases Nuance Dragon Mobile Dictation and Nuance Mobile

Nuance Communications released Dragon Mobile Dictation, a new technology for mobile device users to dictate SMS messages using continuous speech.

Leveraging the Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology within the mobile environment, Nuance's Dragon Mobile Dictation enables mobile phone users to enter SMS messages with continuous speech technology.

"Mobile subscribers sent more than a trillion SMS messages last year alone. They are now ready to use their voice, rather than thumbs, to send text," said Dan Miller, senior analyst, Opus Research. "Dictation is just part of Nuance's arsenal of embedded and server side-solutions. In concert with mobile carriers and handset makers, the company is ready to demonstrate that the convenience of accurate dictation will drive user adoption and repeat usage even further."

Powered by the VoCon 3200 embedded speech engine, the Nuance system combines recognition with a correction interface. Nuance will be delivering the first release of Dragon Mobile Dictation to several OEM partners in May.

The new dictation capabilities extend Nuance's existing portfolio of embedded speech solutions for mobile applications, currently available on more than 50 million handsets worldwide, including models from LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sanyo and Siemens and supported by carriers such as Orange, Sprint, T-Mobile and Vodafone. This functionality includes voice-activated dialing, voice commands for access to phone features, and audio readout of caller identities, email or SMS messages in a variety of languages and voices.

Nuance also released Nuance Mobile.

Nuance Mobile enables users to use voice to send an email, download the latest U2 ring tone or use a phone without taking your eyes off the road. Nuance Mobile enables user interaction with mobile search and communications applications.

The mobile initiative includes technology, applications, services, marketing support, and a partner program that extends Nuance's own offerings. Existing partners include Promptu, V-Enable, and VoiceBox Technologies.

In conjunction with partners, the Nuance Mobile initiative is bringing the following applications to market:

  • Content Search: Consumers use their voices to search, browse and download mobile content including ring tones, music, videos, wallpapers, and games. 
  • Local Search: Users can search local information databases such as business listings, yellow pages, restaurant guides, movie schedules and more, by speaking their requests. 
  • Mobile Dictation: From SMS messages to mobile instant messaging and mobile email dictation, Nuance Mobile allows users to enter a message using voice.
  • Mobile Operator Voice Portals: Speech-enabled applications allow wireless subscribers to access their personal or public address books, calendar and a range of information services using speech commands. Users can also request sports and lottery results, download ring tones, picture messages and logos, utilize location-based services to find the nearest amenities, recommended restaurants, etc.
  • Voice-Controlled MP3 Player Applications: Nuance's speech-controlled MP3 provides a voice-activated interface to select a song, an artist or a playlist.
  • Hands-Free and Driver Mode: Voice-activated dialing allows users to call anyone with one command. Text-to-speech technology powers audio output of incoming calls or messages, as well as verbal alerts of low battery or roaming status.
  • Enhanced Access to Handset Features for Blind and Low-Vision Users: The Nuance Accessibility Suite, with its screen reader and magnification capabilities, enables basic functions in mobile phones, like caller ID and text messaging.

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