Nuance Vocalizer 4.0 Brings New Capabilities to Enterprise and Telco Voice Automation Solutions

MENLO PARK, Calif. - Nuance announced Nuance Vocalizer 4.0, the company's newest text-to-speech (TTS) software.   With voice quality, address handling and bilingual support, Nuance Vocalizer 4.0 is designed for applications like directory assistance, account management, voice activated dialing, email reading and others that require the delivery of large volumes of dynamic content via the telephone.

Nuance Vocalizer 4.0 also includes several new capabilities: new prompt-creation capabilities enable companies to replace -- with TTS -- portions of their voice automation systems that previously recorded professional voice recordings.

Additional Capabilities for Nuance Vocalizer 4.0

  • Reduced Memory Utilization:   Nuance Vocalizer 4.0 has been optimized to reduce memory requirements by 25 percent compared to Nuance Vocalizer 3.0.
  • Graphical Dictionary and Tuning Tools:   Nuance Vocalizer 4.0 includes a dictionary tool that allows words and phrases to be added to the dictionary using a graphical interface.
  • Nuance Speak As One™ :  Nuance's Speak As One offering is a set of technologies and services enabling developers to use their chosen TTS voice for application prompts and to tune the transitions between the two.
  • Support for Industry Standards: Nuance Vocalizer 4.0 supports the W3C VoiceXML 2.0 and SSML specifications for advanced tuning capabilities.
  • Distributed Architecture: Nuance Vocalizer 4.0 leverages the Nuance distributed architecture for fault tolerance, reliability and scalability.
  • Expanded Language Coverage: In addition to U.S. English, Canadian French and Latin American Spanish, Nuance Vocalizer will offer support for Brazilian Portuguese later this year.  Nuance supports an additional 13 languages via partners.

Nuance partners and other companies that use Nuance Vocalizer software include AAA Minnesota/Iowa, BeVocal, Cisco, Countrywide, Datria, Edify, Gold Systems, HTI Voice Solutions, Interactive Intelligence, IVB, LogicTree, Syntellect, STM, Tellme, TELUS and Workforce Technologies.

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