Opera Software Unveils Voice-Enabled Home Media Technology with IBM ViaVoice

Opera Software unveiled an voice-enabled Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for home media.

The voice-enabled EPG is allows navigation of data structures by using voice commands.

The voice-enabled EPG is a multimodal (or multiple forms of input and output such as speech, keyboard or handwriting) project aimed at increasing awareness in the consumer electronics sector of the benefits of voice-enabled Web technologies.

The voice-enabled EPG is written in XHTML+Voice or X+V multimodal programming language and is available in English with initial targets aimed at enterprise customers and developers.  For a demonstration of X+V multimodal speech applications, visit: www.ibm.com/pvc/multimodal.

Opera's Software Development Kit is based on the IBM WebSphere Multimodal Toolkit, with its IBM WebSphere Everyplace Multimodal Environment, that includes IBM Embedded ViaVoice and allows developers to build multimodal applications for devices ranging from resource set top boxes to Digital Video Recorders using the X+V markup language that combines XHTML and VoiceXML.

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