Outsourced Softswitch Service Launched by IPCB.net

SAN MATEO, CA - IPCB.net launches Outsourced Softswitch Service for IP telephony operators and agents. Outsourced Softswitch Service will satisfy the growing needs of IP telephony companies in managing their and their partners' networks. IPCB.net Outsourced Softswitch Service provides an integrated functionality of routing, billing and monitoring systems via the web interface. Additionally, the Service facilitates provisioning and maintenance of IP telephony networks with equipment produced by different manufacturers. "In the past, companies had to develop proprietary solutions or pay loads of money upfront to buy a set of softswitching and billing software," said Dimitri Panasevich, Director of Business Development at IPCB.net. "Their resources were also drained by the necessity to integrate and support sophisticated equipment. With IPCB.net Outsourced Softswitch Service, those companies can focus on what they are good at - sales and marketing - and pay a tiny per-minute fee for routing, billing and monitoring their IP telephony traffic." The Service takes advantage of the advanced technology that separates signaling from voice streams. The resulting capacity requirements for the IPCB.net solution are below one percent of those of traditional telecom companies. IPCB.net Softswitch currently handles millions of IP telephony minutes daily.
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