PIKA Technologies Selected by Defne Communications

OTTAWA, CANADA and ISTANBUL, TURKEY - Defne Communications, a provider of computer telephony systems to Turkey and Switzerland, uses PIKA digital- and analog-interface cards to voice-enable their solutions. PIKA Technologies designs and manufactures computer plug-in voice cards that connect systems to the telephone network to provide advanced telephony services. As a result of earlier successes with PIKA cards, Defne is designing PIKA Technologies' hardware and software into two more systems. Defne delivers various communications systems to both telecom operators and to enterprise customers. Defne relies on PIKA cards to enable voice services designed in the systems. To date, Defne has embedded PIKA voice cards in StorUS, a digital recording engine, and CallUS, a call centre engine. Defne has chosen to build on the earlier successes they've had with PIKA cards and will design PIKA PrimeNet MM-series digital quad span PCI cards in RespUS, an IVR engine. The system will use PRI-ISDN as a communications protocol. Defne's turnkey communications solutions support a vast number of telephony standards. This platform enables the development of a single integrated solution for their customers. Solutions that have been built on this platform include call centres, PBXs, unified messaging and notification systems, IVRs, and voice portals. The company has a major market share in Switzerland and developed a 4000 lines integrated IVR/call center system for Turk Telecom. Also targeting the finance and banking sectors with its solutions, Defne's systems are deployed in more than ten banks in Turkey. "We are pleased to be working with PIKA Technologies. PIKA MonteCarlo 6 API is exactly what we needed, the voice cards are of high quality, and their technical support is impressive," explained Cenk Dumlu, Manager Software Development, Defne Communications. "In fact, we're also going to build PIKA hardware and software into a new Voice over IP gateway and switch engine product." "Defne and PIKA Technologies are a good fit," said Maarten Kronenburg, Commercial Manager EMEA, PIKA Technologies. "Defne's continued successes are proof of the broad application for our digital and analog voice card portfolio across the European market. We wish them continued success."
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