PMT Customers Gain Unified Messaging Capabilities Through VoxSurf Technology

LONDON, UK and NEW ORLEANS - Project Mutual Telephone (PMT) has selected VoxSurf's unified messaging platform, VxOne. VxOne is currently being implemented in a phased roll-out across the Idaho-based supplier's telephony and internet services network. PMT has selected VxOne to replace its traditional voicemail platform provided by GlenAyre.

The phased roll-out of VxOne is now underway with approximately half of PMT's users fully uploaded onto the new voicemail package, called PMT Message Center. These customers are now benefiting from unified messaging capabilities including: voice-activated voicemail, voice-driven menu navigation and voicemail-to-email services.

With unified messaging, customers benefit from a voice-driven solution, enabling them to speak into their handsets to indicate 'go to email' or 'go to voicemail' to access their messages in one centralized inbox. Customers can also perform basic maintenance functions through speech, like 'delete,' 'forward' or 'next message' to navigate through the system.

"With VoxSurf's technology we have been successful in completing a broad modernization of our messaging services, leaving us well-positioned to compete with other providers in our region. Early-stage feedback from our customers has demonstrated a lot of excitement around the new advanced functions in the system. In particular our customers are quickly adopting the 'hands-free' access to their voicemail systems and navigation through their menus," said Charlie Creason, president and CEO of PMT.

VoxSurf's VxOne unified messaging and voicemail platform was built as an IP and open-standards based solution. It can be integrated into existing service providers' networks and infrastructures ensuring transition for customers and service providers.

PMT plans to have the full migration to VxOne completed by the end of Q1 2005.

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