Phonologies Releases Voice Blaster

MUMBAI, India - Phonologies released Voice Blaster Solution, a solution for ISPs and telecommunication companies, apart from call centers and other service providers to provide voice message broadcasting services over the phone. The Voice Blaster is a Web-based application that triggers the delivery of interactive voice messages (pre-recorded or TTS generated messages with IVR options) through a series of outbound calls. These messages can be delivered to a host of telecom devices, including answering machines and voicemail systems, VoIP devices including SIP phones.

The Voice Blaster Solution can be used to provide reminder services, tele-marketing services, conditional alerts and notification, etc. For the network operator, Phonologies offers an integrated application enabling prepaid and post-paid messaging services. Messages can be scheduled for delivery or 'broadcast' immediately or at later date and time.

The Voice Blaster utilizes the latest VoIP and Internet technologies, turning the desktop computer into a communication and marketing tool. It is a Web-based portal packaged to setup and trigger a message broadcast, in addition to management of contact lists, audio recordings (or selection of text-to-speech option) and, viewing customer responses and call details. This package comes with an Event Trigger Platform. As an option, Voice Blaster's IVR can capture customer feedback via speech recognition.

The solution is based on open standards such as VoiceXML 2.0, CCXML 1.0 and SIP and comes bundled with Phonologies Oktopous Media Server, a platform compatible with speech engines and VoIP environments. Customers can optionally deploy the application in house, and chose from a variety of open standards platforms, or host with voice hosting providers. 

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