Pika's Telephony Boards Cerified Interoperable with Loquendo's Technologies

Loquendo and PIKA Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of plug-in media processing hardware and software building blocks, certified interoperability of Loquendo Speech Technologies and PIKA 's Digital T1/E1 PrimeNet MM boards, via Paraxip PSTN-to-SIP Gateway software.

Through this partnership with Loquendo, PIKA enhances its position in the market of automated voice applications for small- and medium-size businesses with speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies.  Supporting 20 languages, Loquendo users will also be able to benefit from their VoiceXML browser capabilities.

Loquendo's clients can now take advantage of the PIKA Digital T1/E1 Boards, which provide voice processing, echo cancellation, and speech detection technologies and are available in single, dual, and quad T1/E1 port densities.

This packaged solution provides system integrators and service developers with the technologies they require for the creation of voice services, call center automation, voice automation features in CRM applications, Intranet and Unified Messaging, and the creation of info-mobility solutions.

PIKA offers telephony boards that combine up to four T1/E1 digital network interfaces with integrated DSP resources.

Loquendo offers a range of technological components such as: Loquendo TTS, Loquendo ASR, Loquendo Speaker Verifier, and VoiceXML Interpreter. Currently available languages include U.S. and U.K. English, Castilian, Catalan, Valencian, Mexican, Chilean, Argentinian and American Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Greek, Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, and Canadian French in both male and female voices.

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