Plum Voice Announces Availability of IVR Store Locator

Plum Voice, a provider of interactive voice response (IVR) systems, hosting, and professional services, announced earlier this week the immediate availability of the Plum Store Locator, a location-based-search IVR application.

With the Plum Store Locator, retail chains, restaurant franchises, dealers, and any organizations that have multiple service sites, can enable their customers to quickly find, by phone, the locations closest to them. For customers on the go, the Plum Store Locator is a valuable, timesaving convenience. Callers simply enter a zip code into their mobile phones via touch-tone, and the Store Locator instantly responds by reciting a list of locations with addresses in the vicinity.

The Store Locator is the latest release in a series of prebuilt applications designed by Plum.

"Plum’s preconfigured solutions are designed to be deployed by the people who manage business processes like customer service, marketing, or workforce management, not by the people who handle software development," says Andrew Kuan, chief technology officer at Plum. "With prebuilt applications, we enable enterprises to move their simple IVR applications from the back office to the front office."

Plum put the Store Locator out for a free trial through its Web site, along with its Plum Account Balance Reader and Plum Time and Task Manager.

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