Plum Voice Releases VoiceTrends IVR-Specific Analytics Tool

Plum Voice has launched the VoiceTrends analytics engine, a toolkit designed to let businesses monitor and improve the performance of their interactive voice response (IVR) applications.

VoiceTrends automatically analyzes all of the key metrics that lead to poor caller experience. It automatically knows which data are important to the efficient functioning of an IVR app, logs that information, and populates ready-to-go reports to reveal useful insights. Business users can deduce how to make their voice and messaging applications more efficient and more accepted.

Features OF THE VoiceTrends toolkit include the following:

  • Failure Analysis—Identifies where callers are hanging up frequently or transferring.
  • Trend Tracking—Logs which menu options are selected most often and in what order.
  • A/B Comparison—Compares data from A/B script tests.
  • Speech Rec Optimization—Logs speech recognition attempts and identifies spots that need grammar improvements.
  • DTMF event tracking—Tracks choices for each menu and data input/output.

"Successful IVR and messaging applications must be tuned to optimize the consumer convenience," said Plum Voice president and founder Matt Ervin, in a statement. "VoiceTrends logs and digests data to show exactly where an application is causing customer frustration, enabling a cycle of improvement informed by meaningful data."

Anyone can sign up for a free developer account to build IVR applications on the Plum Platform and see firsthand how VoiceTrends enables streamlining of call flows.

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